Welcome to The NSDVI (National Skill Development Vocational Institute)

  • To give all the National Skill Development Vocational Trainings in Health, Education, Sports and Culture , Agriculture, self help group and other establishment and advancement of Education and of knowledge in Arts, Commerce, Science, literature, Humanities and all other useful subjects in all their manifestation in India.
  • To promote and establish audio visual education on various subjects.
  • To promote and establish multilingual training.
  • To promote and establish Breakout study, elderly education, female education and Mass education.
  • To promote and establish developmental, educational and cultural films /documentary.
  • To publish and or publishing books, pamphlets periodicals and news paper in India or outside for the speared and advancement of education and culture.
  • To promote and establish our physical ,mental and spiritual health development through the National Skill Development Vocational Trainings on yoga education and meditation education, Naturopathy education and all others need based alternative therapy education and Training.
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